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Who are we?


We are an Iranian company based in Yazd Province of Iran and we are international supplier of a range of best quality dry fruits and some spices. The products are harvested from our own gardens and they are all organic and first farmer’s hand products that are directly supplied to our costumer internal and international. Furthermore, we have our own packaging company facilitated with all required modern equipment and machinery and ready to pack the products with all the sizes and brands as required by our customers. We have received valuable feedbacks from international buyers about quality of this range of products that we have available and ready to export to all of country in world. We approached you to offer this range of products because we know that we will have a great contribution to add more value to your costumers and brand name that you have in many countries around glob.

Dried fruits include:

1. Pistachio In-shell (All type of pistachios)
2. Kernel Pistachio
3. Almond(Mamra, Kaqazi)
4. Date (Mazafati, Piarom, Rabbi)
5. Raisins ( Green, Black, Golden)
6. Dried Fig
7. Dried Plams
8. Saffron ( Negin, poshal)

meet me and you

The company consists of educated personnel with field and operational experience. In addition to having experienced domestic personnel, this complex has a set of experienced labor by employing and training indigenous forces in the target export countries.

M.R. Shehne pour

Main Partner

Email: shehnepourpacking788@gmail.com

S.H. Fallah

Main Partner

Email: S.Ho.Fallah@gmail.com

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No. 78, Industrial town, Taft, Yazd, IRAN

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