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Prunes, also known as Bukhara plums, fall into the category of dried fruits. This dried fruit is obtained by drying plums. There are about 2000 types of plums around the world. Khro city is the supply and breeding center of Bukhara plum in Iran.

To prepare it, Bukhara plums are first boiled in a little water, then after cooling, the skin is peeled and dried in the sun.

Plums have a round and fleshy appearance, this wonderful juicy fruit is fat-free and rich in vitamins. There are so many antioxidants in Bukhara plum that researchers consider the amount of these antioxidants to be equal to the antioxidants found in blueberries.

A group of people consume plums to relieve headaches before meals. This dried fruit quenches thirst and heartburn. Bukhara plum has a cold and wet nature. Plums are one of the healthiest foods that can be consumed during pregnancy and can also be used to relieve nausea during this period.

Plums are used in a variety of foods. Plums are also consumed in various forms such as lavashka jam and even raw.

Plum stew, plum marmalade, plum soup and chicken with plums are examples of foods that can be used to cook plums. Many international dishes use plums, each of which has different flavors.

Dried plum truffles are a very tasty and healthy food that is very easy to prepare and the plum taste in it has created a unique taste.