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The fruit fig of a native tree called Ficus carica is the same common fig that is grown in many tropical regions. Turkey, Egypt and Morocco are the largest producers of this product. The variety of figs is close to 600 species, but Turkish black and brown figs are among the most in demand in the market. Due to the type of product, figs are sold and exported more processed, but the new type is also sent by plane to European countries for raw consumption.

Production and export of fresh and dried figs is one of the measures that the country receives a significant amount of currency every year, and paying attention to production capacity and creating added value in this sector can help the country’s economic situation.

All kinds of figs for export

Dried fig

Iranian dried figs with export quality is one of the prominent and prominent items in the field of international food trade and is in great demand. Figs are among the products of the world that besides being used as a nutritious food, many Countries know it as a medicinal substance and use this product in their pharmaceutical industry. Iran is also one of the countries producing figs, which has its own buyers in the world because it is often produced in the dry season in the country. Estahban city is the center of dry fig production in the country.

Fresh figs

Figs belong to the berry family, are sensitive to extreme cold and are mostly grown in temperate and semi-warm regions. Figs have been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for hundreds of years. Figs, which have been noted for their sweet, mild taste and numerous uses, are among the low-calorie, non-fat foods.

India, China and Turkey have the highest export capacity and potential for fig exports from Iran. Iran has the closest export link with Iraq. The Indian market has the highest demand capacity for this product.