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Pistachio kernel

Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of pistachio kernels and pistachio products with export quality to all over the world.
The variety of Iranian products in the field of strategic pistachio product and its products is very high and after the United States (California) Iran has the highest annual production of pistachios.
Iranian pistachio kernels are much tastier than other types of pistachio kernels in the world because the quality of Iranian pistachios is very high and exported due to the climate.
Due to the fact that Iran is one of the oldest pistachio producing countries, the export quality of this product is very well known all over the world and has often found its market in all countries of the world.

kinds of pistachio kernels for export

Kaal Kernel

Cal pistachio kernels, as the name implies, are made from raw pistachios that are not yet fully ripe.
This pistachio kernel has a special feature that has made it very popular in the market, and that is the very green color of its mantle, while its outer skin is white. This green color of pistachio kernel makes it an ideal product for all confectionery and decorative purposes. Also, the export uses of this product are very high and it is exported to almost all countries where ordinary Iranian pistachio kernels are exported in a lower volume of Iranian pistachio kernels.

Green Kernel

Iranian green pistachio kernels are also commonly known as calc or double skin. This pistachio kernel is mostly bought and sold in world markets under the name of Green (Green Kernels) and as its name implies, it is very green.
One of the special differences of this type with other types of Iranian pistachio kernels for export is that the preparation and production of this product is not possible directly from pistachios themselves, but this Iranian pistachio kernel for export is obtained after processing all kinds of raw or ordinary.
In this type of pistachio kernel, there is no news about the upper skin of the kernel, which is mostly flowery and red in color, which means that by processing this pistachio kernel, the upper skin of the pistachio is removed, and for this reason, it is completely green with a uniform color and appearance. .

Qazwini Kernel

Qazvin pistachio kernel is one of the best export products in Iran, which has a very green color and a flowery and beautiful appearance.

Qazvin pistachio kernel is one of the best products produced in Iran in terms of taste and fat percentage.

One of the great options for exporters of Iranian pistachio kernels is pistachio kernels produced in Qazvin and Buin Zahra. These pistachio kernels have a very unique taste and a completely green belly. Pistachios and pistachio kernels produced in this region have excellent quality and a very good appearance for export.