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Pistachio powder

Pistachio powder is known as one of the most widely used pistachio products in the market. Pistachio powder can be produced from any type of pistachio kernel, but they are different in taste and color. To produce pistachio powder, pistachio kernels that are greener are often used. Green color along with taste are two main and important features for pistachio powder products.

In the production of green pistachio powder or raw pistachios are used, the price of which is high. Or the producers use green belly pistachio kernels (Feyzabadi) which are found in abundance in Khorasan Razavi province.

Features of exported pistachio powder

The most important and main parameter for the export of pistachio powder is the absence of hard pistachio skin in the load.

Since the presence of pistachio shell skin broken in the powder causes damage to the mouth and teeth of people, this issue is highly regarded by customers, especially in international markets.

The main solution for this issue is the use of color sorting devices (Color Sort) which should be done on the pistachio kernel with high accuracy. After this, several other parameters are emphasized to examine the quality of pistachio powder in export markets:

  • Pistachio powder color
  • Taste and freshness
  • Fat content
  • packing

All of the above is very important in determining the quality of the product for the export of pistachio powder, especially to Canada.

Cheaper pistachio powder is used for export to India, but minimums are required.

In most pistachio exports, customers register pistachio powder and pistachio slices together.

These two products are mostly used in the cake and confectionery industry and a variety of desserts.