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Pistachio slices

Pistachio slices are one of the different types of pistachio products. After buying pistachios and then peeling them, the companies divide this product into equal and regular parts by special machines and then place them in different packages. Most growers try to pack pistachio slices because the bulk will cause the product to be crushed over time and lose its original appearance. For this reason, we see more pistachio slices packaged in the market.

Today, pistachio slices are prepared for export in packaged form. Iran provides this product in any quality grade, because it has a wide price range and is also a suitable option for many Asian and European countries.

In the past, pistachio slicing was done by professionals by hand; But today this type of product is done by automatic machines. Pistachio slices can be obtained from any type of pistachio cultivars. In this regard, most of these sellers are aristocrats and most buyers buy only the slice.

Pistachio slices each have different qualities and have different prices.