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Pistachio is a small tree that originated in the Middle East and Central Asia and grows in countries such as Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan and western Afghanistan. This tree produces fruit that is edible and very tasty. Pistachio is a Persian word that has entered European languages ​​through Latin.

In general, pistachio varieties are divided into two groups: round and long; Which is known as Koleghoochi, Hazelnut and Akbari, but traditionally in Iran there are about 90 species of pistachios; Some of them are widely and commercially cultivated and some of them are scattered and limited.

The most important cultivars of Iranian pistachio traders are: Akbari pistachio, Khanjari pistachio, Koleghoochi pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, Hazelnut or Ouhadi pistachio.

Types of pistachios for export

Ahmad Aghaie

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, this cultivar was first identified and selected by a person named Ahmad Agha Forootan in Ahmadiyya Nogh. The spread of this figure in Kerman province is more in Nogh areas of Rafsanjan and Sirjan city. At present, this figure is one of the most important commercial figures in the country, which, despite its not so long history, is expanding significantly. The fruit is almond-shaped, but its appearance is similar to that of Koleghoochi cultivar. The red color of the brain, the whiteness of the bony skin and the largeness of the fruit have caused it to spread.


Akbari pistachio is one of the commercial cultivars of Iranian pistachio which has more economic value compared to other cultivars. This figure was identified and propagated in the late thirties by Haj Akbar Basenjideh, in the village of Abbasabad Amin, in the Kashkuyeh section of Rafsanjan city. The cultivar has almond-shaped, elongated and large fruits


Ouhadi pistachio is one of the most common commercial cultivars of Iranian pistachio, which was identified and selected by Mehdi Ouhadi between 1320 and 1330 in the village of Fatehabad, Rafsanjan. It is a very famous and compatible figure for most pistachio growing areas that has expanded greatly over the last 50 years. This figure is about 70-60% of Rafsanjan pistachios. This cultivar has hazelnut-shaped and spherical fruits.

The largest volume of pistachio exports in the country belongs to Hazelnut cultivar.

Kahe Ghochi

Koleghoochi pistachio is one of the commercial cultivars of Iranian pistachio that was first identified and selected by a person named Haj Ali Sharifi in Dehno village of Rafsanjan and for this reason it is also known as Haj Sharifi pistachio. The main areas of its development are Kerman province and it is scattered in other provinces of the country.