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Iran ranks third after Turkey, the United States in the export of raisins (exports of raisins, sunflower raisins, acid raisins, exports of Malayer raisins and vineyards).

Raisins are one of the dried fruits obtained from grapes. This nut is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins. Raisins come in many varieties and are available in different forms in the market. In some parts of Iran, the quality of this lovely dried fruit is so high that it is exported to modern countries. Export raisins make up a large part of Iran’s dried fruit exports, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Types of raisins

green raisin

Export green raisins are one of the grape derived products that are produced in two ways. The first method uses an emulsion of a mixture of percentages of potassium carbonate and raisin oil. In this method, after washing, the harvested grapes are placed in the prepared solution for 20 to 30 seconds and then they are placed on wire wires in sanitary environments and courts to dry. Another method is to use sulfur powder. In this method, sulfur powder is placed in a tray and by burning it and spreading sulfur in harmony with the valves installed in the hygienic environment into the environment of harvested grapes, it turns into raisins. Green raisins are one of the most valuable products for the country.

Golden raisins

Golden raisins are very popular all over the world because of their unique color.

Golden raisin is one of the most delicious raisins in Iran, which has many applicants in Iran and abroad. This seedless and yellow raisin, which is produced and exported in the grape-growing cities of the country, is one of the most profitable raisins for export in Iran. If you want to get acquainted with golden raisins, join us in this article.